Oops…I Forgot to Print That!

by Tiffany Kjellander


Wireless printing has never been easier with apps such as Print n Share.

You stop by the office to drop off a file and realize that you forgot to print out an addendum to the contract. Since you’re totally mobile, you saved it in “the cloud”, and you just opened it on your phone. Now, you need to get the file out of cloud storage, and to the printer.

You could go ahead and login to an office computer, login to your cloud storage, and print it out. But, you’re already logged in on your phone – and that’s where Print n Share Pro comes in.

Print n Share Pro App for the iPhone/iPad

If you’ve got an app on the phone like Print n Share Pro for the iPhone/iPad ($9.99 iTunes), you’ll be able to print directly to your office printer directly from your device as long as it’s wi-fi capable, or through your Mac or PC if the printers aren’t networked. You may need to download a free helper app from the developers website to use your Mac or PC to print from a mobile device.

This app doesn’t just print – it also converts docs to PDFs, prints emails and attachments, photos, views and prints calendars, and allows for multiple, password-protected user accounts. The free versions allow for printing, but require in-app purchases for much of the functionality. The PRO (paid) versions of Print n Share include every function of every app the developer makes.

If you’ve got an Android device, the same developer makes an app called Print ($4.99 Google Play) with many of the same functions. Its somewhat limited, but still a great option. Because of the Android operating system’s differences between devices, you’ll definitely want to download their test Print App (free) first to check compatibility and functionality.

If you have an all iOS-based team, you could bypass the need for an app or compatible printer by installing a Latronix xPrint Server. The home based solution is $99 on their site and allows up to 8 users to connect wirelessly without any apps to print. Simply select the “print” option and your docs will begin to print – coupons, contracts, photos, webpages and emails and their attachments.

I really like Print n Share; it’s easy to use. The interface is user-friendly and there’s a much more extensive functionality if you need to use it. The developer, EuroSmartz Ltd, has great support, answering most inquiries well within a few hours, and has an extensive knowledge base on their website. I haven’t found anything better in the way of apps for mobile printing.

I look forward to hearing from you if you’ve found something that you love! Tweet me @tkjellander with your mobile print solutions!

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