To Team or Not To Team

by Chicago Agent

That’s a pretty big question. Real estate, for the most part, is very entrepreneurial. Some people prefer to work by themselves; some prefer help in the form of an assistant, a few assistants or a whole team. And some agents choose to partner with an agent to split the work right down the middle.

I’m often baffled with how many agents choose not to partner up or form a team. You have someone there to help with everything that needs to get done but that you just don’t have time for, someone who can provide an extra set of eyes to look over important documents when you’ve been staring at them all day and someone to help keep you on track when you’ve had a bad day. With a good partner, you can have a cushion for revenue.

These are only a few of the small things that can be tackled easier with a partner or team. Or, like Tere Proctor, featured on our cover, you could assign a specific role to each team member, and all duties that fall under that role is that team member’s responsibility. For example, Proctor, the president of ARC Residential, which is selling units at Lincoln Park 2550, has a team of four others: two administrative assistants, a contract executive and one sales executive. The sales executive takes on everything revolving around selling: showings, follow-ups and closing sales, most importantly. The contract executive handles all contracts and keeps track of all documents and who needs to sign what, among other things. The administrative assistants must be detail-oriented, because they handle several of the little details and everything in between – answering phone calls, helping schedule showings, taking messages and helping out where needed.

But you don’t necessarily need a team to run an efficient business. You could partner with another agent and be successful. Carolyn McLaughlin and Kelly McInerney, agents with Prudential Rubloff and the winners of our Agents’ Choice Awards Best Agent Website, and Joanne and Geri McCafferty, a mother-in-law/daughter-in-law team with Brush Hill Realtors, share their experiences in our cover story, too.

Enjoy! And feel free to email me with your thoughts and feedback on this issue: stephanie@chicago.staging312.com.

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