Bad MLS Photo of the Week – Fancy a Dip?

by Chicago Agent


As if the pool did not look enticing enough already…

By Peter Ricci

It’s one of the cardinal rules in real estate: do not allow your clients to appear in MLS photos! Though we love rebels as much as the next democratically-active spirit, sometimes rules have a very good reason for existing – case in point, the rather unfortunate MLS photo you see here.

There are a number of possible explanations for this MLS faux pas – the seller disliked the agent and refused to move for the shot; the agent really thought the pool was a major selling point, and thought a live subject would make the pool that much more…enticing to sellers; or maybe, the seller was on an ego trip of significant potency and wanted to show off his rock hard gastrocnemius muscles, which he had been specially developing using the P90X workout routine. Regardless of the explanation, the lesson is the same – keep the clients out!

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