Glencoe School District 35 Among Most Attractive in the Nation

by Chicago Agent


According to a new study by Trulia, Glencoe School District 35 is one of the five most attractive school districts in the U.S.

Glencoe School District 35 was rated the fourth most attractive school district in the nation by real estate website Trulia in a study of how the nation’s school districts impacted the decisions of prospective homebuyers.

Trulia’s methodology was simple – an analysis of Census Bureau data showed that, in households where the oldest child was between 5 and 9, 57 percent had moved in the previous five years; so, to find out which school districts attracted those moving families, Trulia looked at the the number of preschoolers and elementary school children in every school district in the U.S., and developed a elementary-to-preschool child ratio to see whether families moved to or away from the school district.

Glencoe School District 35 – Magnetic Education!

As Trulia’s Chief Economist, Jed Kolko, explained, the lower the ratio, the more families moved away from a district, and vice versa, the more they moved to a district. Using that methodology, here’s what Trulia found:

  • The most attractive school district in the nation was Saratoga Union Elementary School District, which is located in the San Francisco Bay Area and had a ratio of 2.38.
  • Glencoe School District 35 was not far behind, though, with a ratio of 1.93.
  • Of the top 10 districts, three were in California, one in Texas, and aside from Glencoe, all the others were located on the East Coast.
  • Across all the districts, Kolko noted some recurring themes – they all had exemplary scores on GreatSchools; all had relatively affordable housing and lower prices per square foot; and all had lower population density, and therefore, bigger houses, bigger yards and bigger parks.

Homeowner Balancing Act – Great Commute, or Great Schools?

One of Trulia’s main conclusions from the study involved the balancing act parents must often make between great schools and their commute to work. As anyone in Chicago knows, many of the area’s finest school districts are quite a hike from Chicago’s downtown; so, finding a home in an area that features great schools and is conveniently near the city – areas such as Wilmette, Oak Park, Elmhurst and the aforementioned Glencoe School District 35 – will often come with a premium price, and that’s a conflict your clients should certainly be aware of during their search.

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