Clients Concerned About Zombie Attacks? Show Them These Homes

by Chicago Agent

Hogwarts castle in Michigan – perfect for Harry Potter enthusiasts as well as zombie-free living. Image from Realtor.com.

By Stephanie Sims

With zombies trending lately, in pop culture and several times in the news, scarily enough, perhaps your clients have wondered aloud whether or not they should buy a property that would defend against any future apocalyptic zombie attacks and such impending doom. Thanks to the National Association of Realtors, if they’re looking to buy you can show them some homes that boast zombie-repelling features.

NAR published a list of 16 properties currently on the market in the US and other countries for paranoid homebuyers. There are unfortunately no zombie-proof properties in Chicago or the surrounding suburbs on this list, but the closest is a castle called Hogwarts (yes…you read that correctly) in Alcona, Mich.

And finally, while this house isn’t on the market, I believe the developer can custom build it, and it appears to be a transforming home of sorts (which is so cool!) to defend against an attack of the undead. If zombies do eventually overrun the world, you can bet we’ll be heading to one of these homes!

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