We Don’t Need No Education

by Chicago Agent

Just kidding! Please ignore that title – being a Pink Floyd fan, I couldn’t resist the urge to title this note that, given this is Chicago Agent’s education issue. But I think we can all agree that the title is false. We do need an education! Everyone, including agents, needs a quality education.

I believe, especially in this day and age, where people can learn how to use an app or navigate a social media site only for it to completely change the next day, that no one should ever stop learning.

I imagine it’s hard to even try to stop learning, too – how can we not keep learning with technology, the economy and the housing market changing every single day?
Education has become a serious issue often debated within the industry – for last year’s “The Power of Professionalism” and “A Field Guide for Fixing the Industry” issues, education came up more than once as something that agents needed to improve upon, as in, better quality courses might be needed, and agents should take advantage of classes and seminars out there. The more educated all agents are about all situations – REOs and FHA loan rules, for example – the better this industry will be as a whole.

Especially with the deadline fast-approaching for salespeople and brokers to transition to brokers and managing brokers coming up quickly, a focus on what agents need to do to move forward in this business (literally – if you miss the deadline for your new license, you can’t conduct business as usual and will need to do heavy catch-up work. See our cover story for details) is essential.

In this issue, we have information about beneficial designations, taking courses online vs. in classrooms, optional classes and seminars available to agents for free, and, most importantly, your options for getting your broker or managing broker license.
Enjoy the issue! Oh, and make sure you get your broker or managing broker license before April 30 – it will be here before you know it!

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