What Do Agents Expect in 2012?

by Chicago Agent

It seems most of Chicago Agent’s readers have high hopes for next year, but with their results from this year on the incline, who’s to be skeptical?

In 2011, 43 percent of agents surveyed had increased sales, and in 2012, 73 percent of agents expect their sales to increase even more. In terms of total dollar volume, 61 percent of agents surveyed expect that number to be higher next year; in addition, 77 percent of agents expect their total number of listings to be higher, too. Not-so-personal matters, such as when REO inventory will be off the market and if financing will be easier to obtain next year, weren’t as optimistic: 27 percent of agents think REO inventory will be gone in 2013, while 69 percent think it won’t be sold until 2015 or later; 50 percent believe financing will be as obtainable as it was this year and 37 percent believe financing will be harder to obtain in 2012.

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