2012: A New Hope

by Chicago Agent

The end of the year is already here. Is that hard for anyone else to believe, too? My first year with Chicago Agent seemed to go by quickly, but it was, without a doubt, a busy and fun year, and I look forward to many more.

When the end of the year comes, everyone wants to know: what’s the bottom line for this year, and what will happen next year?Well, we can tell you this – and you can see for yourself in our issue of Real Data, online in January – despite whatever negative articles, reports or statistics you may have read, 2011 was a year of moderate growth.

The numbers prove it; in every category, from average units closed per month, to the months needed to absorb inventory, to the average number of price reductions per month, everything is on a slow, positive path. The growth is slight, but shows the industry is on an incline, and like 2011 was a better year than 2010, we expect 2012 to be a better year than 2011.

With 2011 finishing as a good year, with signs of growth across the board in the industry, we’re hopeful – as many agents are, too – that in 2012, we can continue to grow and keep the data positive. So, with this data in mind, go into next year with a positive mindset. Think about how you’ve adapted your business from 2010 to 2011, think about what worked, what didn’t, and what you should do to prepare and succeed in 2012. Make next year an even better year than 2011.

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