Keeping Tabs on New Technology

by Chicago Agent

Technology is one of those things that is ever-changing. It seems like once I’m finally caught up learning the latest and greatest app or platform, it’s gone out of date. For example, Facebook and Twitter are constantly changing their appearances, functionalities and ways to find and network with people. It seems like once we get used to an app and how to use it, it changes on us.

Maybe that’s why some people aren’t as excited as others when it comes to learning new technologies, even ones that can help them when it comes to their business. Gary Jacklin, broker/owner of RE/MAX Action, summed it up best in our cover story when he said agents don’t always want to take the time to learn how to use new technologies. Sure, it’s annoying to slow down and take the time to learn something new and beneficial when you could be doing things that benefit your business right now. But being patient has its payoffs.

“Technology isn’t like a microwave oven,” Jacklin said. “When you get a microwave oven, you know to press the button and everything works. But with technology, including tablets, it’s like you’re handed a puzzle. All the pieces are there, but it’s not put together. You have to figure out how it all works together. A lot of agents become frustrated because they see technology as something that they have to learn; it’s something that takes up time that they could instead be using to meet with and prospect for clients.”

With new technologies coming up that can put you ahead of the pack, don’t fall into the trap Jacklin talks about, or you’ll get left behind. Instead, read our cover story to learn pointers for how to use tablets when at a listing presentation or how to use certain apps to help when you’re out showing buyers a home. Anyone who’s bought a tablet could probably tell you, while there is a learning curve and it will take a little time to get the hang of using the tablet to your full advantage, once over the curve, it can help you in ways you might not have thought possible.

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