CEO of MRED Presents the State of MLS to the Illinois Association of Realtors

by Chicago Agent

CEO Russ Bergeron of the Midwest Real Estate Data (MRED) gave a presentation on the future of the MLS at the Illinois Association of Realtors (IAR) meeting that took place May 17.

Bergeron’s presentation touched on current events and issues affecting MRED and the MLS throughout Illinois, according to a press release from MRED. His speech, presented in terms of technology and synergy, reviewed the various initiatives being implemented around the country where MLSs are coming together to provide the seamless delivery of information across traditional MLS boundaries on a large regional scale, according to the press release from MRED.

“It was very rewarding to have the opportunity to address the leaders in Illinois real estate who attend IAR’s Business Meetings,” said Bergeron to Yahoo! Finance News. “It is my goal to take every opportunity to meet and discuss real estate and real estate technology with professionals throughout Illinois. So many Illinois real estate agents are customers of MRED, and I am interested in meeting with as many of them as possible to spread the word about MRED and how we are reinventing MLS.”

Because MRED maintains such a large portion of the statewide listing databases, Bergeron was able to discuss several possible scenarios in which a statewide database of property information could be made available to both the real estate professional as well as the consumer in an easy and affordable manner, according to the press release from Midwest Real Estate Data.

Bergeron also spoke about the ways which real estate practitioners can take advantage of social media to network, seek out prospective customers and share information through their shared networks and the networks of their clients, according to the press release from Midwest Real Estate Data. Social media is being utilized by a lot of companies as they tailor the medium to meet their own specific needs. Using the “MRED Social Media Widget” as an example, Bergeron provided a working example of how social media can influence MRED customers, marketing MRED to a broader audience, allowing their company to reach a germinating audience.

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