And The Winners Are…

by Chicago Agent

Let’s face it, there isn’t always a lot of good news to report in the real estate industry. While we can follow the charts and stats and get excited about the potential rise in home sales or prices, on the whole it isn’t always easy to be an agent these days.

Luckily, our Agents’ Choice Awards are always in early November, just about the time that the weather (and in some cases the market) is getting colder. This is the perfect time to celebrate those in the industry who are working hard and getting deals done, whether they are rookies or MVPs. The honor was bestowed upon our nominees by their Realtor peers, making it one of the most coveted awards around.
One of my favorite things about our Agents’ Choice Awards is that I get the honor of calling all the nominees and congratulating them on being considered for an award. Some nominees are shocked, some are flattered and others are so excited they have no idea what to say to me. True, I’ve been doing the calling for three years now, but letting someone know they are in the running for an award never gets old. Some of the nominees I’ve met a number of times, and others I had the pleasure meeting for the first time at our awards ceremony on Nov. 3.

Speaking of the awards ceremony, this is one of my favorite CA events as well. Sure, I feel a bit sad that every nominee can’t go home a winner, but it is true that being nominated is enough for some people. For those who aren’t satisfied, now you have the motivation to work even harder in 2011.

Though many of you already know the winners in each category, some of you might find the results in our cover story to be a surprise. You’ll see photos, bios and quotes directly from the winners, and we’ve also included the names of the nominees who didn’t bring home a statue, but are still winners in my book.

Don’t forget with our new website at ChicagoAgentMagazine.com you can add comments and write congratulatory notes to all the winners for everyone to see. You voted for them, and now you have the chance to wish them the best.

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