Who are Realtors Voting For?

by Chicago Agent

With the gubernatorial elections around the corner on Nov. 2, we wanted to hear from Realtors about why they are supporting one candidate over another. Independent candidate Scott Lee Cohen and Green candidate Rich Whitney did not return calls to locate a Realtor supporter, and while Libertarian Lex Green couldn’t pinpoint a Realtor supporter, he did answer his own phone and provided a quote. Below, take a look at why Realtors are supporting Republican Bill Brady or Democrat Pat Quinn for Governor of Illinois.

Why I’m Voting for Bill Brady as Governor
By John C. Kmiecik

Bill Brady is one of us – a Realtor whose family has been in the real estate business since the 1960s. As a broker/owner of a brokerage office, Bill understands the daily struggles and challenges of the small business owners – and that’s what we as Realtors are. He possesses admirable principles and values that are built on the foundation of making a difference in people’s lives. He conducts his personal and professional life in accordance with the cardinal virtues of leadership – prudence, temperance, justice and fortitude.

As a Realtor, I want a governor who will bring jobs back to Illinois and will encourage bold strategies to create new jobs in our State. I want a governor who will do what it takes to lay a strong economic foundation for future generations. I want a governor who will do what’s right and honorable and not involve himself in what’s easy or corrupt. Bill Brady will be that governor! He will encourage favorable rules and tax structures for businesses, he will limit hikes in taxes and unnecessary service and governmental fees for all citizens, he will eliminate governmental red-tape and he will eliminate the bloated, big government bureaucracy that’s not working for the people of Illinois.

The Realtor mission is to “promote and protect private property rights” – Bill understands this message, has embodied this philosophy and will assist the recovery of the real estate markets so that real estate will again be the fuel for a thriving Illinois economy. Bill Brady has said, “I see the importance of building strong and vibrant communities to meet the needs of a diverse population – I will connect with people’s dreams and aspirations.”

I believe in Bill Brady – join me in making him our next Illinois Governor. Visit the “Realtors for Brady” website, realtorsforbrady.org. Above all, vote on November 2.

John C. Kmiecik, CRB SFR, is the broker/owner of Century 21 Kmiecik, REALTORS.

Why I’m Voting for Pat Quinn
By Thaddeus Wong

I recently volunteered to be a Chicago Public Schools “Principal for a Day.” As I walked through Abraham Lincoln Elementary School, chatted with wide-eyed students and hardworking teachers, I pictured how many of these children would look to create their own story. Soon these young students would begin working to turn their dreams into reality, by entering the Chicago workforce, looking to start a family, hoping to purchase a home and/or start a small business.

That’s why I’m supporting Pat Quinn for Illinois Governor. He understands the need for a quality public education as well as the importance of embracing the entrepreneurial spirit of our current business leaders and the need for that same spirit and support in our next generation.

I credit Quinn in his handling of the disaster he inherited and his confidence to tackle it head-on. He knows the value of a well-educated workforce. Supporting education yields jobs, and jobs mean ecomimic improvement which lead to homeownership (and good schools create family loyalty strengthening our neighborhoods, Chicago’s greatest resource).

Pat Quinn’s fighting to properly fund our public education system so that local districts aren’t forced to make ends meet with rising property taxes. Governor Quinn has fought for decades to boost homeownership and for a property tax system that helps everyday people. And lower property taxes mean more people are able to afford homeownership.

Governor Quinn also supports business. He created a $2,500 tax credit for every small business that creates a new job. That’s helping our companies grow as we get our industry back on track. He signed a capital construction bill that is improving infrastructure and transportation, creating rising property values around the state.

As a Realtor, entrepreneur and father of four children who will be educated by our city’s public school system, I hope you’ll join me in support of Pat Quinn.

Thaddeus Wong is the co-founder of @properties.

“The housing market will recover if we get the economy back on track. I don’t believe in a tax credit for any industry. If we have it for one industry we should have it all. That’s why I’m trying to reduce business and corporate taxes in Illinois. I work in the auto industry, and you’re going to see a recovery generally in the durable goods market probably precede a recovery in the realty market. I think we need to go after the whole economy with lower taxes and lower regulations.” – Lex Green

Tell us who you support and why. Post your comments below.

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