Followers are Better Than Friends

by Chicago Agent

The powers that be insisted that I have a website and Facebook page. Here’s the thing, I already have both! I’m a high-profile agent in Northern Illinois, of COURSE I’m online everywhere, I just can’t show them to you because then my identity will be revealed and I’ll get dog poo thrown at the office window. I know I have enemies out there. Perez Hilton and I often discuss that we are misunderstood for giving the public what they want.

No way I’m creating another website, but I agreed to give Agent X a Facebook page. However, I was appalled that the site insisted I reveal my gender for all the world to see. So I swore at it and went out to sell a home and rake in a nice commission. Aside from the fact that Facebook is biased against those that don’t wish to associate with a gender, the darn thing didn’t believe that Agent X was a real name! That was the end of that. Instead of being my friend online, just follow me on Twitter: @CAgentX. Followers beat friends any day. And if I’ve never met you are we really friends? On with the gossip you know you love.

Lots of promotions going around out there. Marion Hanold used to be just an agent with K&S in Winnetka, but now she is the manager of luxury and development properties in Skokie. Lisa Pickell of Orren Pickell Designers & Builders was promoted to COO from VP of sales and marketing. It’s always helpful when your last name matches the company name.

Congratulations to Dean and Neena Vlamis on the birth of their baby girl Eleni Lee Vlamis. Let’s hope she resembles her mom more than her dad – though if she’s as tall as Dean maybe she can get a nice basketball scholarship.

The CMLS hosted a conference at the Westin on Oct. 1 with oodles of MLS experts in attendance. When asked about their response to customer service complaints, one MLS CEO made a joke that when an agent calls to complain, the MLS searches to see if it is a top producer and then they decide whether or not to answer. Remember, many a true word is spoken in jest.

Goldie B. Wolfe Miller hosted a luncheon at The Chicago Club on Oct. 5 with Lauralee Martin from Jones Lang LaSalle, Ashley Proctor from Guarantee National Title and Barbara Matthopoulos from CAR speaking on how to lead in the new real estate economy. Barbara revealed that she started her media career at 13. Impressive I suppose, but I started my real estate career in utero so I win. Actually, it was the tasty lunch that won.

On Oct. 6, Coldwell Banker, The Costa Rica Real Estate Company and Palazzo Park Hotel & Residences hosted a night filled with the sounds and flavors of Costa Rica. Carlton Solle, a CB owner in Costa Rica, discussed retirement, vacationing and investment opportunities. I’m sure it was a great speech but I tuned out thanks to all those Coronas.

That same day, Inman News hosted Agent Reboot, a training program designed to help real estate professionals improve their sales efforts with a day of expert-led sessions on the latest technologies and marketing techniques. The geeks came out in swarms, and I learned that Yelp and BlackBerrys are more popular in Chicago than other cities. I also learned that McCormick Place has crappy overpriced salads.

RPAC held an invitation-only RPACtoberfest fundraiser at the rooftop of the Terrazio on Oct. 7 with beer, brats and live Oom-Pah entertainment. Attendees included those helping to fund RPAC’s cause and spread the gospel of the Realtor Party.

Optima Old Orchard Woods in Skokie will host a Broker Open on Oct. 13 at their new penthouse with appetizers, cocktails, sunsets and city views. They will also announce that they’re offering 4 percent co-op to contracts closed before the end of the year and 20 percent off select units before Nov. 20. It’s that huge ol’ glass building right off the Edens if you need directions.

Ryan D’Aprile celebrated on Oct. 8, and Jenny Sepulveda rocked the house on the legendary 10-10-10. Ryan Wynia’s birthday will wait until Oct. 14, but at least the marathon won’t get in the way of fun. Kevin Serafin will party down on Oct. 16, Christina Breuer will brew it up on Oct. 17 and Vanessa Irving Dillingham and her three names will celebrate Oct. 24.

Agent X Keepin’ the “real” in real estate

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