Whatever Works For You

by Chicago Agent

I’ve worked at a number of different companies in various industries, and for me small has always been the way to go. In general, I’ve always felt more at home in smaller environments. So when it was time for college, I chose Washington University, a small liberal arts school in St. Louis. Then, when it came time to enter the workforce, small has always been the place where I thrive.

I know plenty of people that enjoyed attending schools with tens of thousands of students, but I preferred a place where I didn’t disappear into a sea of too many choices and students. As for the working world, I enjoy the freedom of smaller offices. Also, cutting through all that red tape everywhere at large companies is exhausting. We have a small, intimate working environment at Chicago Agent, which gives me the chance to grow and bond with my fellow workers. Also, we don’t have a need for strict dress codes or corporate rules that sometimes don’t make sense. I’m even able to bring my dog to work with me – how often does that happen at a huge company?

I completely understand that a small office isn’t the right choice for everyone. I have one friend who lives for abiding by corporate rules, and another who loves that her dress code means she must go shopping on a weekly basis. Some prefer the anonymity large offices provide, and I do admit I am missing out on a few perks here and there.

In this issue, we’ve explored the differences that come with setting up shop at both large, national offices and smaller boutique brokerages. Each have their pros and cons, and really what it comes down to is determining which environment helps you succeed as an agent. Some Realtors prefer guidance every step of the way, while others enjoy the freedom to learn and grow on their own.

The choice of which office to work with is not one that should be taken lightly. There are many options out there in the Chicagoland area, and while you can certainly find success at either one, that does not mean that you will. Weigh your options carefully and really focus on the type of place that makes you feel the most confident and comfortable, and that should be the direction you head.

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