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Here we are at the Mortgage issue once again. This may come as a shock to some of you, but I am a mortgage whiz. I’ve always really had a knack for numbers. Unfortunately, I discovered that the mortgage business is about more than just numbers, and so I headed a different direction with my life. Also, I’ve found that agents get invited to more parties, making the switch a no-brainer.

Speaking of mortgages, Professional Mortgage Partners recently merged with Wintrust Mortgage – a member of the Wintrust Financial family. I like any company with the word “win” in its name.

Still speaking of mortgages, Toll Brothers is offering 3.99 percent mortgages at their seven communities, and their jumbo loans are at 5.25 percent. Beat that!

MCZ/Centrum’s Michael Lerner is planning three new communities along I55 near Joliet that he will begin marketing within the next couple of months. Mr. Lerner if you’d like to advertise those communities to agents, I can give you the phone number of our cute blonde account executive.

RE/MAX is opening up some offices in Ecuador and Paraguay. I wonder if any agents will be getting eyelash implants, because Lisa Simpson pointed out that Paraguay is the only legal place to pick those up.

Jameson must be doing OK because they’ve added 25 new agents within the past month including Koenig and Strey’s Brant Booker team, David Mahoney, Carmen Allen (Dreamtown), Maria Thanasouras (on my list of all-time favorite agent names), Jill Hare (Dreamtown) and Debbie Maue. The whole crew got together to celebrate Jon Millikin’s 29th birthday on Jan. 24. I hear some of the new agents enjoyed getting cozy with the old ones.

The snow hasn’t kept anyone from partying! Metropolitan Capital Bank had an anniversary celebration with wine and snacks on Jan. 28, Belgravia’s 565 Quincy had a Toast to the New Year on Jan. 29 and Women in Planning and Development hosted their holiday party at Adobo Grill on Jan. 31.

Coming up soon, Walsh Communications will host an informal networking opportunity at Grotto in Oak Brook – open to any within the real estate industry – on Feb. 5 at 4:30. Let me tell you that parties in the suburbs can be way more exciting than those downtown.

The associations are making sure you know what’s up in 2009. WCR Chicago will host a social networking “how to” seminar featuring @properties performance coach, Matt Dollinger on Feb. 18 at 8:30 a.m. at SoNo. A little early for my blood, but I might send one of my people. Feb. 9, RANWC will host their Executive Board Meeting and Governing Board Meeting in Arlington Heights. Remember what I said about agents in the ‘burbs.

Since I seem to be throwing in shameless plugs every issue (last issue I asked you to visit our Facebook page, which look I’ve mentioned again!), don’t forget about the CA Spring New Construction event. This time around it’s going to be in the swanky Intercontinental Hotel in Rosemont, and the best part is the parking will be FREE!

Birthdays! Jasand Parker celebrated on Jan. 26, while John West waited until Jan. 27. Jill Levy and Chris Ford boogied down on Jan. 28, while Tom Pavljasevic, Patricia Peiffle and Teri Faron shared their birthdays with the snooze-tastic Superbowl on Feb. 1. On Feb. 2, the groundhog day babies were Mosella Clair, Todd Tellock and our own super-stellar Amanda Gruenwald. Last, but certainly not least, everyone at CA forgot to wish Eve a happy birthday on Jan. 21. We couldn’t run the office without her, so this is our red-faced apology.
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