On With Fall

by Chicago Agent

Somehow, summer disappeared right out from under my nose. Perhaps it was the fact that the weather barely got warm enough to warrant an actual summer, or maybe time flies when you’re having fun. Regardless, Labor Day has passed, the Cubs are choking and the outdoor pool around the corner is empty. While the loss of summer should always be mourned slightly, it’s the perfect time to move forward and look to all of the exciting things that will happen in the months to come. 

For the real estate industry, the reports get better and better as home sales continue to rise. Contracts are up and Realtors are busier. Also, the first-time homebuyer tax credit deadline is looming ahead, causing a mini panic for those new buyers anxious to cash in on the free money. For those Realtors that remained in the business while the going got tough, the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter. 

As always, fall is the perfect time to brush up on all the new construction listings that are out there for the taking. You’ll see in the following pages that there are a plenty of great new projects ready for your buyers, and some that will indeed be completed soon. And, the prices and incentives are too amazing to pass up. 

In an attempt to make this issue even more impossible to live without, we are launching a brand-new online version of our New Construction Issue. So if you misplace your original copy, on Sept. 21 you’ll be able to jump online and see everything you’re missing by visiting www.chicagoagent-digital.com. Additionally, the new online issue allows you to share the issue with friends, view for an unlimited period of time and click directly to some property Web sites to find out additional information, or contact the selling agent immediately. We’ll also send you an eBlast to the link, just to make it that much easier. 

I am a big fan of summer, and I’m sad to see it go. However, there is beauty that can be found in the fall, and even the winter. Football season has begun, and the leaves are about to turn lovely colors. Also, as time goes by the news gets better and better, providing glimpses of the great things that the future might bring.

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