Living Green

by Chicago Agent

Here we are at my second Green issue since being with CA, and like last year, the response has been amazing. It’s refreshing to see how excited this industry becomes when hearing the mention of all things sustainable. 

Though the world is still putting itself back together as the recession comes to an end, going green is something that hasn’t been pushed to the wayside, which would have been easy to do. It’d be easy to imagine our country ignoring the environment as other issues seem more urgent, but there are always those who see that if we don’t take care of our Earth right now, then there won’t be inhabitants to reap the rewards when urgent issues are solved. This year, 100,000 people attended the Earth Day on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., in April, proving that many still care.

In preparing for this issue, I found a number of enthusiastic Realtors and developers eager to share their knowledge and expertise with the rest of the Chicagoland community. From Great Listings to New Construction features, everything in this issue has a green-centric focus. Whether you have a client that is looking for a green home or wants to make their new home green friendly, we’ve got a variety of articles devoted to helping you work with those eco-friendly buyers. 

One of the most important things to remember about helping the environment is that every small effort makes a difference. So, if you want to do your part today, recycle your CA after you finish enjoying every page!

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