What’s the most important thing to know when working with Boomer clients?

by Chicago Agent

Kevin Tatum Broker Associate

I don’t see Boomers as an especially homogeneous group, though a majority of them are fairly sophisticated when it comes to buying or selling a home and the finances involved. They’ve been there and done that. They also understand the value that a skilled agent brings to the transaction. At the same time, you can’t generalize too much. For instance, the youngest Boomers are in their 40s and may still have young children, while the older ones are in their early 60s and may be at the point where they are downsizing.

Mary Parker-Harris Realtor
Prudential SourceOne Realty

I feel that Boomer clients like things slower, easier and one-on-one with personal touches. An honest and trustworthy “give it to me straight/just the facts” approach works well. Don’t rush through it as if they’re a number. Boomers just love when others are patient enough to listen to their “I remember when” stories. The stories are usually unforgettable and keep you laughing for weeks. Many Boomers have done it all and had it all. Most of them are now looking to rest their weary bodies and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Sharon Curcio Realtor
Baird & Warner
Near Northwest

Understanding Boomers’ requirements for housing in this changing economy is vital. Boomers these days say that less is more. Their priorities have changed, meaning they no longer crave the McMansion home and being dependent upon an automobile. They are concerned about rising energy costs and the expense of maintaining large homes. Seventy-one percent of Boomers use the Internet and are searching real estate sites for properties that are within walking distance of public transportation, nearby shopping, restaurants and entertainment venues. They are willing to sacrifice space for location and lifestyle. Asking a lot of questions to determine their specific needs is imperative.

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