What makes your managing broker special?

by Chicago Agent

Allyson Hoffman
RE/MAX North

Dolores Sharlot, RE/MAX North managing broker, is special because of a combination of factors, including her commitment to continuous improvement and education of all RE/MAX North agents, her ready and ever-present availability, her understanding and compassion, her years of valued experience from which to draw critical information and her leadership. These factors have fostered a corporate culture at RE/MAX North, making it more like a truly functional family where everyone really cares about each other and their successes, as opposed to an office that’s simply a nice place to work.


Bethany Franco
Grand Realty Group Inc.

My broker, Jim Cacioppo, is special because he has turned his office into an inviting second home for his agents. We are all treated like family. He has an open door policy and takes a personal interest in each one of us, making sure we have the knowledge and tools to excel in this business. The education and encouragement is endless. He runs his business with honesty and integrity. He understands the importance of family and has educated us on how to run our business successfully without sacrificing time with them. He works hard to continually keep us educated and up to date on this fast pace changing market.


Daniel DeBoo
Koenig & Strey GMAC

What makes my managing broker, Rick Sanford, special is his ability to coordinate the energies of the most seasoned agents as well as the neophytes. His experience in a variety of transactions enables him to quickly assess the status of a client/agent relationship. The depth of assessment triggers a wealth of suggestions for reaching the goal of a closed transaction. He understands the benefits of a disciplined, consistent marketing program that is focused. A managing broker must always be beyond reproach and have a level of integrity that an agent can count on. In this regard, our managing broker is outstanding.


Eric Rojas
Rubloff Residential Properties
Lincoln Park

There are a few reasons that differentiate Darlene Little, my managing broker at Rubloff. First of all, Darlene is an accomplished leader within our industry and has been president of CAR. Her guidance and contacts come from the highest levels of our profession. Secondly, our managing broker is not actively selling real estate, which I believe makes her career advice more objective. And third, Darlene is simply a great lady to talk with and easy to approach; she gives it to you straight.

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