Have you ever had a partnership with an agent, lender or developer that didn’t work? Why not?

by Chicago Agent

Jose Sandoval

RE/MAX Acclaimed

In this business, you have to depend on other people to make deals work. I once had a deal with a mortgage lender that did not go well, due to his lack of communication. It was hard to get a hold of him, he would not return phone calls and paperwork was not submitted in a timely manner. Part of the problem, I believe, was because this particular mortgage lender was my client’s choice, and I had never worked with him before. I typically prefer to work with lenders that I already have a working relationship with, but in this case, I made an exception for my client.

Lisa Bennett
Broker Associate
Crown Heights Realty
River North/Gold Coast

In my early days as an agent I was partnered with a “seasoned” agent. I had a client interested in a space and we went to the showing together. My client was from overseas and the agent asked a number of inappropriate questions with regards to his origins, customs and financial status. It was very embarrassing. At the conclusion, my client was upset and cut the appointment short. It took over a year before the client did any business with me again.

Lynn Weekley
Lincoln Park

I think from time to time everyone changes their relationships with service partners. Years ago, when I worked strictly on a development site, I had a problem with a lender. The lender had a prearranged relationship with the developer providing the construction financing, so they assumed they’d get all end loans without providing any of the availability or accountability of a regular hard-working loan officer. When a loan officer can’t pick up his phone the entire weekend, that is about the time when I find a lender who will!

Tom Makinney
Prudential Prairie Path Realtors

I had a relationship with a lender a few years ago that I have since terminated. Currently, and for the last four years, I have worked with a loan officer that takes a more conservative approach — one that under promises and over delivers.


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