Technology Can’t Hold Your Hand

by Chicago Agent

What a great time to be in Chicago. The Cubs made the playoffs!! Let’s hope they’re still there by the time this hits the stands, unlike last year. And despite the drama, the Sox snuck in there too, marking the first time in a century that both teams have been in the playoffs. Kind of like something else that hasn’t happened in a century that I’m not going to mention.

You might think this has nothing to do with technology, but actually it does. If you take a look at the way baseball is played now versus the way it was played 30 years ago, there have been a number of technological advances that have made a huge difference. One of the most recent advances that actually could’ve been used for years is instant replay. The umps can now take a second look at disputed home run or foul calls, something that wouldn’t have been possible the last time the Cubs were in the World Series.

Another way technology has changed sports, not necessarily for the better, is the creation of undetectable steroids. As the years go by, scientists are finding more and more ways to allow players to beef up without leaving a trace of evidence behind. I could go on for pages more about the way technology has changed baseball, for instance for all you Sox fans, outfielder Denard Span of your rival Twins had Lasik surgery to revive his career, but I think I’ve made my point.

Just like technology has changed sports, technology has created a whole new real estate industry. There is now an online world that makes it easy for agents to find leads or contact other Realtors just by sitting in front of a computer, while text messaging allows potential clients to receive information about a property without actually having to speak to anyone. Just like in sports, the key to new technology directing you to success is the way that you use it; those online leads aren’t going to help you one bit if you don’t follow up.

In our cover story, we talked to three agents who have found ways to use technology to change the way they do business and make it work for them. We’ve also listed a few tools and products that can make your life easier.

It is important to remember that our industry is about people, not just technology. You could have all the latest gadgets in the world and not sell a thing if you don’t work on your people skills and closing tactics. Make sure that you are using the latest technology to enhance the skills you already possess, instead of hiding behind something that you think can take over your business. If you have a client that is unable to make a decision and needs someone to guide them through the process and hold his/her hand, then sending a text message on your iPhone with a silly picture is not going to do the trick.

Technology is here to stay and will continue to take over the industry, but it will never replace the Realtor.

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