What are the top three qualities you admire about your managing broker?

by Chicago Agent


Since joining RE/MAX two years ago, I’ve been deeply impressed by the managing broker of our office, Bobbie Gerbrecht-Grayson. Her management skills are superb, and I say that as someone who was a business consultant for 20 years before starting my real estate career. She has fostered a positive attitude that extends throughout the support staff and the agents. Equally important, Bobbie treats everyone with respect and makes herself available to share her valuable experience whenever needed. Finally, she and the RE/MAX Great American organization have done an outstanding job of presenting agents with timely information and business ideas. This has been especially valuable during the changing market conditions we’ve seen recently.

Lucie Kim
RE/MAX Vision II

Jason Palermo, my managing broker, is always available to help out me, or any of his other agents, at any time. He is interactive and constantly coming up with new ideas for ways that we can market ourselves and obtain new business. He is one of the most honest and trustworthy people I know, and I can go to him with any business, or even personal, problems I may have.

Misha Immormino
Dream Town Realty

I have been an agent at Dream Town Realty for the last five years and there are many reasons that I continue working for Dream Town, most of them are due to our managing broker, Yuval Degani. Yuval has high standards in regards to who he hires, and has also hired an extremely talented marketing department. He constantly does market research to see what our customers want. He also takes care of his agents. We have access to rooftop yoga, a full-time massage therapist on staff, monthly contests, social events, lunch for the entire office on Fridays and the best coffee in the city of Chicago.

Sherri D. Southall
Prudential Partners Real Estate

My managing broker, Carol Marynowski, is loaded with experience. Every time I go to Carol with a question or problem, she has gone through the situation before or knows someone else who has. Also, she has immense knowledge when it comes to anything real estate, including making money, licensing laws, negotiating, prospecting or the current market situation. Carol is always open to help and is just a phone call away. On top of that, she has a great sense of humor. Through this tough market, my managing broker has helped me with techniques to keep me moving forward.

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