What piece of software have you found beneficial in gaining leads and generating income?

by Chicago Agent

Kevin Thornton
Thornton Properties

We use Birdview Technologies’ lead generation software through our company Web site. Homebuyers can search the MLS right there, and if they want assistance from a Realtor, they can fill out their contact information and the system notifies our agents immediately. Since most people start their home buying search online, having a presence on the Internet and capturing leads there is one of the most productive ways to, ultimately, generate revenue.

Marva Boyd
Boyd Realty Group

Prior to entering the realm of real estate brokerage, I was in the technology consulting arena and was accustomed to sharing information and communicating with co-workers, clients and business partners via software tools.

Upon beginning my career in real estate, I naturally gravitated toward ConnectMLS because I saw the obvious benefits: productivity, efficiency and accessibility. Using ConnectMLS, I can readily communicate with all of the parties involved in a transaction, share information and manage documents as long as I’ve got access to a browser regardless of where I am. ConnectMLS enables me to be highly available and better serve clients.

Mike Kelly
On-site at The Peshtigo

My team uses a proprietary software system developed by Related Midwest that tracks the source of inquiries to the sales center so we can see which marketing efforts are generating leads most effectively. This has been especially invaluable in generating and tracking leads for our new development, The Peshtigo, which is being marketed across many unique platforms, including multiple Web sites. The software records information on each prospective buyer from initial call until contract closing.

Scott Sasse
Quest Realty Group

I’ve used Top Producer (TP) software for years and consider it as valuable as a good personal assistant. It is a robust software solution with tools to maximize efficiency in every aspect of a Realtor’s day-to-day business, including contact and lead management, direct mail and mass email marketing, and custom client Web sites to name a few. With the recent addition of their Top Producer for handhelds and mobile devices, I can access TP and run my business from my phone, laptop or any remote PC with Internet access. In a profession where time management is essential and every minute counts, this is a must have.

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