Is text messaging from phone to phone really an acceptable method of communicating with clients?

by Chicago Agent

Gale Goldstick
Coldwell Banker

I have not used the text messaging features for communications with my clients thus far. I believe that personal contact with clients is more effective and a more reliable mode of communication. Our business is very technical and client-service orientated and, thus, better suited for verbal expression. But if a client wanted to reach me by text messaging, I certainly could and would accommodate their request.

Keith & Wendi Dickerson
RE/MAX of Naperville

I would say it depends on your relationship with your client and your client’s expectations. Sometimes utilizing all of today’s technology, such as text messaging, email, etc., can sometimes come off as cold, or your remarks can be misconstrued. In our opinion, it’s always best to speak with the client face to face or over the phone. I would suggest finding out your client’s comfort zone and see what form of communication they expect from you. After all, communication is key when working with buyers and sellers.

Michael Murphy
Coldwell Banker

I prefer to talk to a client in person or on the phone, but if there is an immediate need that necessitates a quick answer, texting is permissible. I always ask first whether text messaging is an acceptable form of communication for my client; although many prefer it, especially if I need their response during business hours, some get charged for each text or are uncomfortable using it.

Richard Similio
New West Realty

Definitely, but it depends on the client. I usually try to feel the way a client likes to communicate and then use that mode most often. If someone texts me first, I’ll always respond in kind. Generally I’m careful with whom I initiate text messaging, but if I have a good rapport with a client, it doesn’t matter. It can sometimes be the most efficient way to communicate.

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