Can an Affiliation With a Franchise Name Ever Hurt Your Level of Success?

by Chicago Agent

Erik G. Stegemann
Property Consultants Realty

While prospecting for recruits, an agent’s affiliation does come into play because some firms, in my opinion, don’t support their agents. Along with sales skills, success in real estate sales has to do with confidence in one’s business. I believe a company needs to have a solid training program for new and experienced agents because ignorance is fear, and knowledge is confidence.

Joan Sinnott
Century 21 Lullo

I personally believe that affiliation with a franchise usually translates into greater sales and quicker success for a company because they can capitalize on, and “ride the coattails” of, their franchise’s brand identity. This branding is gold because it elicits feelings of customer confidence in a product or service, and a comfort level that assures them of consistent quality and value. The franchise brand is like a magnet that attracts clients because people tend to want to do business with people they know and trust.

Kelly Michelson
Coldwell Banker Primus Realty

As long as the company you represent has a good reputation in the area, I believe an affiliation with a franchise cannot hurt your level of success. If anything, having a well-known company to stand behind you will always work in your favor. Otherwise, you may be a no name affiliated with an unrecognizable firm. That would be scary! Many starting agents will brag on the success of the company they represent to get a seller to sign the listing agreement. They may believe you are the reason that office is successful.

Leslie Tilton
Keller Williams Lincoln Park Realty

It’s a double-edged sword. If you’re an agent with integrity, the franchise should never hurt your business. As an agent, my reputation should be enough to support me and referrals will keep me going. If someone has had a bad experience with my franchise, I have to sell myself to them. They will either like me enough to hire me or be so turned off to the franchise they don’t want to take a chance. I don’t usually have problems with clients who have interviewed me. They’re usually satisfied with my references, experience and level of professionalism.


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