Jason T. Mandl, Sr. Home Lending Advisor

Chase Bank


Before becoming a mortgage broker, Jason Mandl worked as a sales executive for architecture and design firms. Selling to commercial clients, he realized how important it was to flesh out a business’s long-term goals to ensure their spaces were tailored to their long-term needs. “I find myself doing the same thing with homebuyers,” Mandl says. “Making sure I have an idea of where clients see themselves five or 10 years down the road helps me to suggest the right combination of product, down payment and interest rate that aligns with their financial goals.”

Mandl’s clients frequently share in testimonials that they felt confident throughout each step of the process, from beginning to close. For Mandl, this feeling of security comes down to problem solving. “Being able to find work-arounds when things don’t go as planned can save deals,” he says.

While Mandl is quick on his feet when it comes to solving problems, his business style is fashioned in a way that his clients already know what to expect. “In the first conversation with every client, I let them know that prepared homebuyers are successful homebuyers,” he says. “I also let them know that the more work we put in before they find a home, the less likely we’ll be to run into challenges when they put in an offer.”

Currently, Mandl serves as a member of Chase Bank’s mentorship program where he trains and coaches new mortgage bankers. He also serves as the Milwaukee network leader for the University of Minnesota Alumni Association, where he coordinates networking and volunteer events for alumni in the area.

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