Patrick Shipp, Real Estate Broker


After nine years in the Chicago real estate industry, Patrick Shipp has built a network of connections and friendships that he uses to serve his clients in the best way possible.

Shipp actually moved to Chicago for the corporate world, but always knew he wanted to work in real estate. “I actually set a Google alert for a real estate executive assistant role while I was still working my corporate job,” he says, adding that the relationships built during his time in his corporate role served as the foundation for his current client base.

Shipp runs his business with a work hard, play harder mentality in order to simplify the process for his clients and make the experience enjoyable. He’s even been known to give his clients curbside service from O’Hare when flying in for the day. “Not much slips past me,” he says. “I’ve been doing this for so long now that I know what my clients need before they do, no matter where we are in the process.”

As a member of an 11-agent team with Compass, Shipp is grateful to have the support and assistance of his teammates. This top-producing team thrives thanks to their collaborative efforts and the individual skills of each member.

Shipp’s proudest moment of the past year was finally purchasing his own property. “Now I can officially practice what I preach,” he jokes. “I understand firsthand the “scaries” that clients feel.”

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