Osama Fateh, Broker Associate/Founder

Urban L&L, Compass Real Estate

“I don’t sell real estate,” says Osama Fateh, founder of Urban L&L at Compass Real Estate. “I sell a lifestyle.”

Fateh grew up in Lincoln Park and attended Lincoln Park High School. “I was always drawn toward the great architecture the neighborhood has, mixed with new construction and old,” he says. “Having the chance to explore homes, I always knew I wanted to be a part of real estate.”

The business became an obsession for Fateh after watching the Bravo show, “Million Dollar Listing.” “Seeing the way those brokers dressed, the fast lifestyle, doing major deals and becoming part of the city is what drove me to become an agent,” he shares.

Fateh says he’s very blunt with his opinions, but knows every detail about every deal he works on. “At the end, we’re here to assist,” he says. “It’s not about what your clients want to hear. It’s about what they need to hear.”

Recently, Fateh has been supplementing his business with social media and has gained a number of clients from his posts. “Don’t just show real estate. Show a lifestyle that has real estate in it,” Fateh says. “Your followers want to know you first!”

In the past year, Fateh had the privilege of representing a massive project in the Bahamas that includes 21 villas. He’s also one of five agents selected to be on a national TV show called “American Dream TV,” which airs in July.

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