Michael Goldstein, Senior Residential Lender

Wintrust Mortgage

Licensed in all 50 states with 16 years in the industry behind him, Michael Goldstein, senior residential lender at Wintrust Mortgage, has a distinct background that gives him an edge in the real estate industry. Before coming to residential lending, he worked in commercial lending for over 13 years. “I left the commercial lending arena in 2000 after 13 years of experience,” he says. “I had a fresh start in August of 2006.”

Previously working in commercial lending where he dealt with various types of factoring and leasing, Goldstein has a deep understanding of every aspect of the lending process. “For a brief while, I was a CFO of a mid-sized consulting company,” he says. “It gave me the ability to read and understand a personal and business tax return process.”

Having a personal interest in his clients’ success, Goldstein isn’t afraid to go where other lenders are, such as serving veteran clients who have several barriers to success in the form of eligibility requirements. “My favorite client was a VA client that had difficulties with her … certificate of eligibility,” he says. “Any other lender would have taken a pass due to red tape, but I felt that I had an obligation to her and what she has done for the United States.”

When he isn’t helping American veterans through the residential lending process, Goldstein is a father and husband first. His two daughters are grown and his son will be headed back to Northern Illinois University for his third year of college. Outside of work and family life, he enjoys playing platform tennis and pickleball.

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