Lighthouse Team

Fulton Grace Realty

Catherine Pabatao-Heichman, Real Estate Broker

Sandra Tedford, Real Estate Broker

C.K. Cole, Managing Broker

Elena Lorenz, Real Estate Broker

Buyers, sellers and investors in Chicagoland and its suburbs rely on the Lighthouse Team for their real estate transactions. Catherine Pabatao-Heichman, Sandra Tedford, C.K. Cole and Elena Lorenz joined forces and each team member brings unique skills and perspectives to the table. Tedford’s in-depth knowledge of the South Side and South Loop, Cole’s 29 years of experience in commercial property management and new construction and Lorenz’s understanding of investment portfolios provide a wealth of knowledge from which to draw.

The past year was especially rewarding for Pabatao-Heichman. Marquis Who’s Who recognized her expertise (2022-2023), and she was endorsed as a local provider (ELP) for leading financial authority Dave Ramsey. In addition, she was also chosen to be the national TV host for ADTV’s Emmy-nominated show #SellingChicago.

Clients value Pabatao-Heichman’s broad knowledge of the real estate industry, and her ability to see the big picture serves them well. “I like to analyze the market and pay attention to the other industries so I can figure out how it will affect my buyers, sellers and investors,” she explains. “Not only do I have the ability to sell, but I am knowledgeable about business and economics.”

The diversity of the Lighthouse Team’s members enables them to provide clients with an experience that can’t be found elsewhere. By pooling their talents, they’re able to handle every aspect of a transaction. Pabatao-Heichman is also quick to state that being honest and direct with clients comes above all else. “If I feel the property is not worth purchasing/investing, I would rather terminate a transaction than to put my clients in a property that is not a fit,” she insists.

These dynamic women are also very excited about launching their podcast, “The Real Estate View,” this fall.

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