Lauren Green, Real Estate Broker

The Green Group, Dream Town Realty

Working in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs, real estate broker Lauren Green first learned the Chicago market while growing up in the northwest suburbs. “I grew up in the northwest suburbs, my husband grew up in the southwest suburbs, and we have lived in the city for 14 years,” she says. “This knowledge and experience allow us to be experts all over the city and suburbs.”

Prior to entering the real estate industry, Green worked as a sales and training director for a corporate health care company but yearned to run her own business. Real estate gave her the opportunity to take her business and negotiation skills to the next level. “I am so fulfilled in this career,” she says. “I have had the opportunity to connect and build long-lasting friendships with my clients, help them through a massive life decision, run my business the way I see benefits my clients, and learn so much along the way.”

Green says she sets goals for herself every year and works extremely hard to achieve them. “When I see that goal come to realization, it’s the best feeling,” she says. She achieved her goal of reaching top performer status at Dream Town Realty in 2021 and is currently focused on growing her team, The Green Group. The team now has three Realtors and an amazing assistant, and Green is excited to accomplish her goal of growing the group more over the years.

Green markets heavily on Instagram and Facebook, sharing her knowledge of the market and her infamous celebratory “Key Toss” videos with her online network. In addition to real estate sales, Green and her husband are also real estate investors and now own over 100 properties. The couple is looking forward to starting a family —a new member of The Green Group is on the way in August.

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