Laura McGreal and Karen Schwartz, Team Leads

The Laura McGreal and Karen Schwartz, Group Dream Town Realty

Laura McGreal and Karen Schwartz started selling real estate in the early 2000s with one goal — to serve their clients at the highest level. For 10 years, they represented new residential developments throughout the Chicagoland metro area. In 2014, McGreal and Schwartz forged their own path as a team, representing buyers, sellers and luxury developers throughout the city and suburbs. They have since grown their business to become one of the most powerful residential sales groups in Chicago.

The training they received from selling new developments empowered McGreal and Schwartz to provide superior customer service for buyers and sellers, and gave them the expert knowledge of all steps of the development process. They have represented some of the finest developments in the city, such as LG Development Group’s Illume and Ronsley, and Broder Group’s Norweta Club.

McGreal and Schwartz decided to take a very focused approach while growing their group. Schwartz covers the city and North Shore, while McGreal covers the western suburbs. The pair have also added a director of operations and several other agents to round out their team in the city and suburbs. They couldn’t do the volume of business they handle without the support of their team. “We’re able to better service a larger territory without sacrificing knowledge or availability,” says McGreal. “Our team is there for each other and we’re constantly communicating.”

Being in the business for 17 years has shown McGreal and Schwartz a lot of different common scenarios clients get into. “Markets change and so can clients’ experiences in that specific market environment,” Schwartz says. “We like to set the expectation that communication is key and that we’re here to help with the ups and downs of anything that comes up during the buying or selling process.”

They are proud to be the No. 1 team for the highest number of units sold and No. 2 team for the highest volume at the Dream Town Lincoln Park office. They continually challenge themselves to do better each year for their clients, as the market is everchanging and they know they need to be at the top of their game for providing the best client experience.

Additionally, both women are members of the Home Builders Association of Greater Chicago, a networking organization dedicated to helping builders and real estate professionals. Most importantly to them, McGreal and Schwartz remain extremely good friends, spending many vacations, lunches and dinners together.

Real estate is not only a career, but also a passion for the LMKS Group. They are grateful for all of the referrals and support they’ve received from family, friends and clients, and they look forward to what the future of real estate will bring.

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