Katerina Pavlova, Realtor

RE/MAX Legends

A premiere Zillow agent for Plainfield and Oswego, Katerina Pavlova is a first-generation immigrant who serves the people of her community with energy, honesty and hard work. Pavlova has only lived in the United States for eight years, but during that time she’s established a reputation as the go-to Realtor for Balkan people living in Chicago.

Prior to moving to the United States, Pavlova was a radiology technician in her home country of Macedonia. When she realized her degree wouldn’t transfer, she began searching for a new career. “I wasn’t very confident to do this, because English is my second language,” she admits. “It was my husband’s idea, and he kind of pushed me to get my license. I got my confidence overnight and I am so thankful and blessed that so many people trusted me in the beginning.”

As a multilingual agent, Pavlova can connect to clients where other agents simply can’t. “Most of my clients are from my community, Balkan people. I speak Macedonian, so automatically I can understand people from five other countries,” she explains. “For them, it’s easier to work with me speaking their native language. I am so grateful for how much they support me in my business.”

Pavlova’s experience and skills make her an agent who can adapt to quick changes and suit her clients’ needs on the fly. Recently, she earned her spot in the RE/MAX 100% Club and was the Top Producer for RE/MAX Legends in August 2021. “Everything goes naturally,” she says. “I just pay attention to their needs and budget, and I give them confidence that they can trust me.”

She adds: “I always worry about my clients, and I care for them. I don’t want to sell them if they are not happy. I don’t worry about the money I make; I worry about my client’s needs. I help people get what they want and what they dream, and then I see my success.”

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