John Scarpa, Designated Managing Broker

RE/MAX 10 Lincoln Park

As the manager of two RE/MAX offices in Lincoln Park and Garfield Ridge, John Scarpa says his main focus is the customer experience. “I am constantly trying to improve,” he insists. “After every interaction, I ask myself, ‘What could I have done differently to get an even better result?’ This helps me before engaging with the next client so I can provide an even better experience.”

Scarpa learned a lot about leadership during his nearly decadelong tenure as a big-box store manager, and it’s a skill he now carries through his real estate career. “Real estate allows the inner entrepreneur to flourish, which I found to be a perfect match after a career in retail,” he says. “The only limit is the effort you put into this business.”

Scarpa was awarded the Manager of the Year award by RE/MAX International in 2021, thanks to the overwhelming positive feedback and support of the agents, management and staff at RE/MAX 10. He says the distinction is a testament to his commitment to agent development. He also was honored as a member of RE/MAX International’s 100% Club in 2021 and earned the Executive Club Award for the four years prior. Additionally, he’s been recognized as a Miracle Agent through the Children’s Miracle Network, a Chicago nonprofit that raises funds for children’s hospitals.

While many agents are just in it for the sale, Scarpa says he chooses to focus on his clients’ goals and give them a great experience. “The sale,” he remarks, “becomes a byproduct of doing right by the client.”

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