John Noyes, Senior Vice President of Mortgage Lending

CrossCountry Mortgage

Sitting behind the drum set in one of his many bands, John Noyes keeps everyone on track and on time.  As a lender, he keeps his team focused on delivering an amazing experience to clients in Chicago, Evanston and the North Shore. 

Noyes has worked through all kinds of real estate markets in his 21-year career, and that depth of experience sets him apart from other lenders. “Seeing the market’s ups and downs has allowed me to see situations from the past in my current deals and address them accordingly,” he says.

Noyes keeps his clients well-prepared and well-informed. “I’m easily accessible and explain things thoroughly and patiently in a way that’s easy to understand,” he says. “I’m a professional that makes the process easy for them.” He’s also relaxed, yet professional. “I want to have fun and get to know my clients on a more personal level, but we always get the job done,” he says. Noyes often hears that the process was much easier than anticipated. “I’m known for delivering the loan with efficiency and trust,” he adds.

The key to Noyes’ success is empathy. “I always try and think about the experience from my clients’ perspective,” he says.  “People really respond when you genuinely care about them and their unique journey.” He’s never forgotten that his work is about much more than just getting someone a mortgage. “When one of my clients cried with joy at her home purchase, I realized how much bigger this was than just buying a home. Sometimes it’s more than just a place to live,” he says. “Everyone comes to the closing table with their own unique experience and goals, and it’s always an honor to be a part of helping people fulfill their dreams.” 

A testament to his commitment to service, Noyes recently received his 10th Five Star Professional award and is one of Scotsman Guide’s Top Originators.

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