Jeff Bemis, Broker

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Jeff Bemis is a fresh, outside-the-box thinker who is hitting the ground running in the Chicagoland real estate community. Not one to sit idle, he delivers new ideas and a modern approach to proven real estate methods. Bemis grew up in a real estate/construction family, from framing and gut rehabs to general contracting and ground-up new developments. He’s always had a passion for architecture and interior design. “My grandmother was a Realtor, and my family has always been in construction, so it was just something I grew up with. Always seemed to be a part of my way of life, organic,” he says.

Bemis learned the pros and cons of Chicagoland areas while working with Procter & Gamble as a sales agent for hair salons across the city. “It was a great opportunity to meet the people, experience the culture, mainly food, shopping and where to park,” he says. During this time, he was inspired by uniquely designed spaces that were a reflection of their owners.

Bemis now works as a member of the Laura Meier Group at @properties’ Christie’s International Real Estate’s Gold Coast location. As a former builder, he understands the ins and outs of construction and can assist his clients better as a result. “I have experience swinging the hammer,” he says. “I have literally cleared the land, chopped down trees and built houses. My creative insight mixed with knowing the process is what give me an advantage in comparison to my competitors.”

Bemis’ clients say he’s honest, trustworthy and hard-working. “I do what I say I will do,” he says. “They enjoy my passion and charisma, and I’m a pleasure to work with.”

Though he’s seen a lot of very good agents in the industry, Bemis says he’s also seen some not-so-good agents: “I learn vicariously and use these experiences to see what type of agent I do not want to be, and which ones I look up to as mentors.”

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