Jason M. Davis and Nell Yarnall

ACD Group, Compass Real Estate

Jason M. Davis, Founder, Principal Broker 

Nell Yarnall, Senior Associate Broker 

They met working at Flyhomes, a Seattle-based real estate startup where Jason M. Davis was head of sales and business development and worked closely with Nell Yarnall to build out the organization’s Chicago office. “An opportunity presented itself for us to break out on our own, and we took it,” they say. Davis, founder and principal broker of ACD Group at Compass Real Estate, enjoyed a long career in finance as an investment banker, while Yarnall worked in investor relations for a Fortune 500 company. “We credit our success to always putting our clients first and delivering the same high level of service we came accustomed to while advising large corporations and investment managers during our prior careers,” they explain. Although their business predominantly focuses on buying and selling across Chicago neighborhoods, they are also uniquely positioned to help bridge the city-to-suburb (predominantly North Shore) migration that became so popular since the pandemic. Yarnall grew up in Evanston, and Davis now resides there with his wife and children. The duo closed approximately $20 million in total transaction volume in 2021 and are on pace to match or exceed that this year.

The Chicago Association of Realtors named Davis and Yarnall a Top Producer Team each year from 2019 to 2021. Davis, a chartered alternative investment analyst, serves on the board of Great Lakes Academy Charter School. They believe two heads are better than one, which allows each of them to specialize in specific areas and deliver more value to every client.

Many of their clients remain close friends long after the transaction has closed. “It’s not just about helping our clients with the process of buying and selling but also about meeting our clients where they are, listening to what matters to them and establishing lifelong trust through the work product and actions we deliver,” they say. Davis, a Chicago triathlete, welcomed his second baby boy this year. Yarnall, who got married this year, enjoys biking through the city while exploring different neighborhoods in her free time.

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