Emily Ackerman, Residential Real Estate Advisor, Partner of Chicago Home Collective


Trust your instincts and always be true to yourself. These are the words Emily Ackerman operates her business on, since getting licensed more than eight years ago. “I envisioned myself as the person my peers would go to, who would always be honest and ensure their best interest was in mind at all times,” she says. It was this principle, along with her drive and commitment, that led Ackerman to build a 100 percent referral-based business.

Ackerman represents developers, investors, sellers and buyers in Chicago proper, and considers her ideal client a savvy, accomplished millennial looking to use real estate as an investment tool to build wealth. She is known to stick to her routine of meeting with every first-time buyer when starting their search, and taking each seller through her comprehensive, four-step sales process before listing their home. “It’s these practices that create consistency and trust within your business” Ackerman says.

In 2020, Realtor Magazine recognized Ackerman as a National Association of Realtors “30 Under 30” honoree. Her unique perspective on the industry accounts for her success. “This industry can be very intense, and it’s easy to lose sight of your accomplishments when we’re being conditioned to always produce more,” she says. “It’s important to take a step back and celebrate all that we’ve done, instead of swiftly moving onto the next thing.”

Mentoring other women grounds her, and is the best form of reinvesting into her community. “There is no secret sauce to becoming successful in this business,” she says. “However, if I can share my experiences and be an example of someone who never wavered from honest guidance and authenticity, I’m winning.”

Ackerman has sound advice for those pursuing a real estate career: Credentials or a book of clients aren’t needed to begin. The key is consistency and being yourself. “Staying true to what feels aligned for you is the only sustainable way to continue growing,” she says.

During her downtime, Ackerman loves to practice yoga and enjoys cooking new recipes.

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