Dean Vlamis, Senior Vice President

Guaranteed Rate

There’s no limit to Dean Vlamis’ product and client base. “All are welcome,” he says. With 22 years of mortgage-lending experience, he’s well-prepared to weather the ups and downs of the industry, including a pandemic.

During that challenging time, Vlamis achieved $260 million in volume while under pandemic lockdown and “still maintained a high level of service, without actually seeing anyone in person,” he notes. In 2021, his production increased to $280 million. Scotsman Guide Magazine also ranks him as one of the Top 200 Producers in the country, based on volume and units.

Vlamis considers his team to be essential for a successful client experience. “They’re incredibly efficient and responsive,” he says. “I focus on what I do best, talking with clients and referral sources, and they focus on the implementation of everything else.” He also believes that his in-depth knowledge is invaluable. “I know my product and the guidelines inside out,” he says. “It’s important that you know your product and what you’re doing with clients and referral sources.”

Vlamis’ dedication, empathy and strong communication skills account for his high rate of client satisfaction–over 95 percent. “I listen to what they’re looking for, their needs and wants,” he says. “I explain everything upfront regarding the process, costs and requirements. I stress that they can reach out at any time, 24/7. It’s imperative that they understand everything.”

Reputations are built on integrity, and Vlamis knows that very well. “I look at my business as a reflection on me, not on how much I can make,” he says. “My name is on that transaction and my reputation is everything.”

Vlamis loves writing and playing the guitar. But his greatest passions are his wife, Neena, who owns her own mortgage company; their three children, Michael, Kosta and Eleni; and their two dogs, Zorba and Bindhi. “I absolutely love nothing more than being with them,” he says.

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