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Ashley Baird

Wendy Garber

Kathleen Thanas

Jocelyn Lujen

Maureen Runzel

If you’re looking for a team of agents who understand the fast and furious market in Naples, Florida, look no further than the Naples Team at the Dawn McKenna Group (DMG). A team of local experts that understands that each neighborhood of Naples is like its own unique city. The DMG Naples team has the backgrounds, skills and experiences to match clients to the area that best fits the their idea of a Florida lifestyle.

Ardel McKenna started the DMG Naples office, creating the opportunity to expand DMG’s services to a luxury market that was highly desired by DMG’s Illinois clients. Agents Victoria Clarke-Payton, Ashley Baird, Wendy Garber, Jocelyn Lujen, Maureen Runzel and Kathleen Thanas have now joined McKenna as the hardworking team DMG Naples. While they all possess encyclopedic knowledge of Naples’ neighborhoods, developments and amenities, each also has a specialty or unique background, including McKenna (high finance and developments), Clarke-Payton (expats and high-net-worth lifestyles), Baird (equestrians and young residents), Thanas (golf clubs and communities), Garber (paddle sports and single-family construction), Lujen (rentals and exclusive subdivisions) and Runzel (boats and planes). Together, this talented team of exceptional individuals closed more than $200 million in sales in 2021, marking their most successful year yet.

“So many clients have said, ‘I’m so glad you showed me this. I never would’ve considered this development, and now I realize this is the perfect one for us,’” Garber shares. “But I’m at a stage of life where I can relate to clients regardless of what stage they’re at in their stage of life.” Says McKenna: “I pride myself on making each client feel like they are my No. 1 priority — even if, in realty, I have 20 or 30 No. 1 priorities!”

It’s that same client-oriented style that works for detail-oriented teammate Maureen Runzel, who says it’s a top priority of hers to keep deals running smoothly while staying personable. Says Runzel: “Real estate is not a contact sport. We try to reduce friction, not add to it.”

The team members are consistently thanked for taking time to understand their clients’ needs, even in tight markets. For Clarke-Payton, that means understanding the way of life people lead when they move to Southwest Florida. “Having lived and worked in the Naples area for over 23 years, I understand the changes that have taken place here … seeing new neighborhoods and communities developing, schools, culture, fun and creative activities for kids and adults alike,” says Clarke-Payton. Using experience, skill and a little intuition, Clarke-Payton “helps her clients find the home that best suits their lifestyle.”

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