Dave Nimick, Nationally recognized real estate thought leader

Keller Williams

After over two decades in Chicago real estate, Dave Nimick has weathered some of the most memorable challenges in the real estate market. From the changes to the market and tone of American life in the wake of 9/11 to the mortgage meltdown of 2008, this nationally recognized real estate thought leader has the experience and expertise to face a global pandemic and the runaway interest rates of 2022 real estate.

Nimick says that while it’s been a crazy few years, he sees some aspects of real estate that never change, regardless of the market. “More than anything, people just want to know what to expect, even if they’re not necessarily going to like hearing it,” he says. “They’d prefer to know the reality of the market, rather than stick their heads in the sand.”

That’s why his solution-oriented, client-centric approach of being “The Guide” (rather than acting like “The Superhero”) never goes out of style. “Clients want an agent who has seen just about everything—one who will recognize when tides are turning, can warn them about potential landmines or point out possible hidden upsides.” In this current and rapidly changing real estate climate, that approach has never been more important.

Nimick is very proud of the fact that his conversational, practical and data-driven approach has helped him become one of less than 100 Chicagoland agents to receive the prestigious Five Star Professional award for 12 years straight. This award is given solely on the basis of outstanding client service.

Nimick shares his real estate insights on his podcast “Putting the Real in Real Estate with Dave Nimick.”

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