Danny Gore, Loan Consultant


With 21 years in the lending industry, Danny Gore says there’s no such thing as “let me get back to you in a few days.” His thorough and attentive style means that clients get pre-approved the same day, and issues that may arise are addressed immediately.

“In this market, buyers need to be able to move quickly,” he says. “So as a lender, I make sure I’m accessible at all times. It can be the difference between a buyer getting a home or losing out to another buyer.”

Gore’s priority is letting clients know that their massive purchase is his top priority, and he’s proud to have held up this level of commitment despite the very high volume of loans he originated in 2021. “If you take on more volume and your attention to detail slips, then the client experience is going to be painful,” he says. “I pride myself on my clients closing and feeling like they were my only client.”

Gore has been listed as a Scotsman Guide Top Originator every year for the past 15 years. He says his greatest skill is his ability to listen to his clients’ needs and create a plan to meet those needs. As a result, he’s created a completely referral-based business. “When you provide a great borrower experience, your clients will want to share you with their families, friends and colleagues,” he says. “Same can be said for my Realtor and financial advisor referral sources. At the end of the day, you are a reflection of the Realtor or advisor. I owe it to my referral partners to make sure their clients are receiving the best experience and strategy for their loan.”

Out of the office, you can catch Gore spending time with his family or pre-approving clients from the fairway.

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