Danny Delgado, Senior Vice President of Mortgage Lending

Guaranteed Rate

Thirty years ago, when Danny Delgado was a struggling art student, his brother, who worked in lending, suggested he join the industry. At first, he was baffled by the industry’s lingo: Interest rates, Fannie Mae. 

“I remember being in a training class and asking a coworker, “What does the chocolate company have to do with this?”

But he caught on quickly. It helped that the work ethic he learned beginning at 14, while he was painting houses, hanging wallpaper and installing drywall, cable TV and roofing, taught him valuable lessons that he applies to lending: Don’t cut corners. Do it right the first time. The job is not done until the client is happy. 

Working by these rules has paid off.

“Our past clients comment on our fast response times, our teams accessibility and low interest rates,” says Delgado, senior vice president of mortgage lending with Guaranteed Rate. “It’s great to see our efforts being recognized through our 350+ Zillow reviews.” They also rave about team’s ability to save the day. “When another lender drops the ball,” Delgado says, “Our team has the ability to pick it up and run with it.”

During his three decades in lending, Delgado has seen every type of real estate market. “I honestly think my referral partners find comfort in knowing that,” he says. “They trust me to do what I do best—close their loans and make them look good for referring me.” Never a high-pressure salesman, Delgado goes at the pace each client desires and loves getting them prepared to buy a home—asking the right questions and setting up a timeline to meet their goals. 

The team approach works well for his business. Each teammate focuses on what they do best and what they like to do. Whether they work as a loan officer, business development manager, director of social media or sales assistant, everyone is in position that’s perfectly suited for them.

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