Corwin Partners, Cory Robertson, Principal

Jameson Sotheby’s International Realty

Focused exclusively on developer clients, Corwin Partners acts as a full-time, in-house sales and marketing department that developers don’t have to recruit, hire, train, manage or release upon a development’s completion. Leveraging decades of deal analysis, product development, and pricing experience, the team is focused on delivering margin at every step of the project life cycle. The team sells out developments exponentially faster by identifying and engaging buyer profiles not yet in the market — in most cases 80% of total sales come from non-MLS-driven leads generated directly by Corwin Partners.

Corwin Partners handles all sales and marketing activities within their own team, allowing them to work faster than those needing outside expertise and execution. Ten experienced and talented professionals work together, including marketing coordinators, 24/7 inquiry responders, sales representatives and graphic designers.

Cory Robertson grew up in a developer family in Detroit, working on construction sites from childhood. Robertson is principal of Corwin Partners, with 30 years of development sales and marketing leadership in the Chicago market.

Bradley Sadowski is director of marketing and operations, handling marketing game plans, contracts, developer interfacing, website management, vendor relationships and marketing team management.

Jena Hendrix is director of sales, including sales team management, critical path sales training, weekly reporting and buyer pipeline management.

Dawid Zarycki, Monica Torres-Mancilla, Tiffany Bishop, Elise Morgan, Katrina Karthan, Brad Warner, and Megan Remillard round out the team as project marketing coordinators and sales representatives.

Successfully selling from floorplans is no small feat, but the results speak for themselves. Corwin Partners has achieved sales revenue sufficient to cover construction loans on 100% of their new projects over the last seven years prior to construction completion — giving their clients the lowest-possible carry costs. The team ranks regularly in the Top 3 in all of Jameson Sotheby’s International Realty.

“Our secret sauce is sweat,” Robertson says. “While our approach is wholly unique, bottom line—Corwin Partners simply works harder.”

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