Clare Spartz, Broker and Home Stager

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“Staging” is Clare Spartz’ middle name—or at least it is if you ask her clients. This Chicago Realtor is known for bringing positive energy into the homes she sells from the South Loop, north to Evanston and out to the western suburbs. She says she’s meant to be the joy, bring the joy and be about the joy for others. Sometimes that’s very hard, as there is much work to do and emotions are involved, but being a joyful person helps the process, she says. 

Spartz joined the real estate industry thanks to her younger brother, Rob Spartz, a top mortgage broker and team leader. “I can’t imagine having less skill set or interest (in the mortgage industry) but found myself buying my first home (for sale by owner and representing myself) and knowing real estate would be my business,” she says. “My brother was incredibly proud of me and my success. We ended up becoming a great team after all.”

Spartz specializes in home staging, helping sellers show their home’s potential and allowing for higher sales and quicker turn times while also helping buyers see the potential of long-term happiness in homes. Her clients say she knows exactly what the current trends are in property appeal and always has a plan to target the right buyer. Many clients even comment they’d like to have Spartz decorate their new home.

“We are compensated to help sell and buy homes,” she says. “I use my gifts of time, talent, patience and abilities to get the job done. I also bring the love, passion and commitment. How I feel when the job is done is far more powerful than the commission, but I’m beyond grateful to be compensated for the big ‘what else’ I can bring to the job.”

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