Brandice “Brandi” Hampton, Real Estate Professional

The Hampton Collective, Dream Town Realty

Every day, when Brandice “Brandi” Hampton wakes up, she is excited just thinking about what the day could bring and how many clients she can assist.

Hampton, a real estate professional and team leader of The Hampton Collective, Dream Town Realty, has worked in the industry for seven years, helping buyers, sellers and investors in the city and suburbs meet their real estate goals. She particularly enjoys giving them the blueprint for creating generational wealth for their families—something that has personal meaning to her.

“I had a health scare and when I overcame it, I realized I had not accomplished as much as I wanted and I definitely didn’t have the opportunity to create generational wealth for my family,” Hampton recalls. “So, I started trying to see how I could invest in real estate.” Investing ultimately turned into a passion and that passion became a career.

Hampton left her job as a marketing manager in the Fortune 500 tech sector, a career she excelled at, to apply the same out-of-the-box thinking to create exciting, engaging and unique marketing campaigns for her real estate business.

Leading a team gives Hampton a competitive edge: Everyone splits the work, which paves the way for  work/life balance and gives them the ability to deliver top results for clients.

“I am an agent who wants to hear all of your goals, the right now and the future,” she says. “The reason behind that is to ensure what we are doing now will properly set you up for success for future real estate goals.”

She takes time to educate clients about the process and choices they make, and genuinely never wants  anyone to regret their decision.

When she’s not closing deals, Hampton likes visiting home design stores with her husband, Kevin, and analyzing their own investment portfolio.  She also enjoys playing tennis, spending time with her daughter, Nova, and bonding with family. It’s the moments with her loved ones that she’s most thankful for. After losing her precious daughter, Royal Grace Olivia at the age of three in May of 2022, Hampton resolves to ensure Royal’s Grace is displayed in her life, sharing what it means to live life with humility, gratefulness and kindness towards all.

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