Todd Johnson, Vice President of Residential Lending

Blueleaf Lending

One of the best rules in business might be to keep it simple, and Todd Johnson, vice president of residential lending with Blueleaf Lending, does just that. With a combination of consistent communication, flawless execution and personable interactions, Johnson has managed to weather career changes, a wild market and the pandemic of 2020 while providing the signature service level his repeat and referral clients have come to expect.

Fifteen years after leaving the corporate finance world, Johnson is still doing the very thing that prompted his move in the first place, which is building a business based on helping individuals and using his finance background and problem-solving skills to ensure his clients get their dream homes on the best terms.

“My clients always know that they matter to me because I answer their requests even when I’m on vacation or on a random Sunday night,” he says. “They tell me that my process is streamlined and that working with my team is a breeze, which is what we aim for.” Leading a team of two additional people, Johnson and his team achieved a record year of originating $120 million in volume during the pandemic, despite moving to socially distant business applications and navigating a high-demand, low-volume market.

“It’s so important to be responsive and provide good personal service to clients,” Johnson says of his method for success. “We get a thousand questions during the process, and we are able to answer them all and handle last-minute details as we near closing.” Having begun his career during the Great Recession, Johnson pays his success forward, staying focused on making a stressful process calm and painless.

“I’ve seen it all,” he says. “My team and I know how to get you to the finish line with ease.”

Outside of work, Johnson enjoys spending time golfing and traveling with his wife and three young children.

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