Stephen Northey, Real Estate Broker

Berkshire Hathaway

As an expectant father some 15 years ago, Stephen Northey knew he wanted to be successful both in his career and at home with his family. As a real estate broker today at Berkshire Hathaway, Northey relishes the opportunity to continue serving families just like the blossoming one that prompted him to take the leap into real estate.

“I wanted something less risky and less stressful,” he says. “We’d just bought a home for our growing family, and learning the process that way piqued my interest, so I decided to get my license and make the move.” Focusing today on educating his clients the way his own agent did during his first buying experience, Northey brings his experience to working on a variety of properties and client types across Edgewater, Andersonville, Northside and other Chicago neighborhoods.

“I have done condos, multi-units, family and friend purchases where they’re all going in on something together and land with the intent to build new construction,” he says. “I grew up in Oak Park, so it’s exciting to be part of seeing it grow and evolve.” A client-voted Berkshire Hathaway Five Star agent from 2012-2020, Northey’s signature style of being adaptive, quick-thinking, positive, energetic and empathetic to his clients scores big and builds trust across his network.

“My favorite experience this past year in business was selling my 94-year-old neighbor’s property for $41,000 over her asking price,” he says. “That’s positioning her to live comfortably and unburdened from here on out.” Immersed in community volunteerism and, of course, his beloved wife and kids, Northey is enjoying serving clients and staying active throughout what has been an unpredictable year for so many.

“We’ve been hiking, enjoying the lakefront and recently discovered pickle ball,” he says. “I keep active and adventurous so that I can always be ready for whatever my clients need me to take on.”

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