Sandesh Bilgi, Vice President of Global Learning

Sotheby’s International Realty

Recognized as an elite and top trainer in real estate, Sandesh Bilgi has been inspiring and motivating real estate professionals for more than 20 years. A creative, dynamic and energetic speaker, Bilgi has redefined how individuals represent their clients and underscores that the role is not about selling a service, but about delivering value and articulating oneself as a real estate specialist.

As vice president of global learning for Sotheby’s International Realty, Bilgi is responsible for the training curriculum and learning pathways for over 24,000 agents in 1,000 offices spanning 74 countries and territories. Prior to real estate, he served as a sport psychology consultant focusing on mental preparation for professional athletes, during which he learned how to understand individuals’ motivation and mindset. He also mastered personality assessment and the art of leveraging personal skill traits to excel in finding opportunities for defined success.

During his tenure in real estate, Bilgi was a consistent top producer specializing in the luxury real estate market, also serving in an array of capacities within the industry that ranged from sales to training to coaching and pre-license instruction. Through his experiences, he realized, “Anyone can come up with a great idea, but if you are not being compensated for it, than it is nothing more than a glorified hobby.” So, how does one monetize oneself for being oneself, he asks? His answer: Real estate is a science, and with his adoption of the “Feature, Benefit, Impact” method, he has captured the essence of understanding the formula.

“Our market is fast-paced and ever-changing,” Bilgi remarks. “We have to evolve with it or we will find ourselves on the outside looking in. I help agents stay in the market and determine if they’re running a business or simply running around their business.” He has accomplished this by being masterfully skilled at identifying the strengths one possesses in order to capture their audience by articulating their value proposition.

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