Raul Perez, Senior Home Lending Advisor

Chase Bank

“I did not plan to get into this business,” laughs Raul Perez, senior home lending advisor with Chase Bank. “I thought I’d end up flying planes or something, but destiny had it that I’d make peoples’ dreams come true through helping them achieve their dream home.” Hired on the spot 12 years ago, Perez now finds adventure in the everyday, helping clients with fire-time purchases, affordable lending needs, FHA, VA and many other specialized processes.

Perez’ clients love his genuine personality and appreciate that he makes them feel truly heard and respected during the process.

“Sure, I’m a mortgage guy, but I’m also a friend, a therapist, a magician, I get to do all of that in the process of trying to pair a borrower with the right loan and terms for their needs and situation,” he says. “I always feel gratitude when they tell me they’re happy with my process and how painless the loan part of the deal was.” In 2020, Perez was a top producer in affordable loan units, and over the past three years has been a top 250 Hispanic Loan Originator through the NAHREP organization, of which he’s a member of in the Chicago chapter.

“My special sauce is really to be that problem solver, the guy who can formulate a solution,” he says. “Everyone has a challenge and everyone is different, so it’s just about tailoring my approach to that.” Another secret to Perez’ success is being available and responding quickly to the last-minute questions and requests that are commonplace in his industry.

“I’m thankful to have so many past customer, banker and realtor referrals to me,” he says, adding that he still plans to one day go for that private pilot license and travel the world. But for now, he says he’s focused.

“It’s a beautiful thing to see people realizing their hopes and dreams.”

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